Photos of stairs from my April holiday.

I’m a lifelong fan of role-playing games, but I rarely play them. Dungeons & Dragons. Call of Cthulhu. Vampire: The Masquerade. Cyberpunk 2013. Traveller. I’ve been enchanted by the words and illustrations, and drawn into the imaginary worlds of as many RPGs as novels. So I’m always surprised, and a little dismayed, when RPGs are left out of the popular discussion about books and reading.

Like Damien Walter, I read far more RPGs than I play. One of my favourites, The Burning Wheel, is published as a beautiful digest-size book, more like a novel than the usual giant RPG manual. Flipping back and forth between the lifepath tables, different characters and settings emerge every time. Last week, Adam Koebel presented a lecture on why he loves the game.

Recently, virtual tabletop Roll20 hired Koebel (one of the designers of Dungeon World) as its Games Master, to stream demonstration games online. They have just launched a weekly Burning Wheel game. While I don’t have hours to sit and watch talking heads on YouTube, I do like to listen to “actual play” RPG podcasts on the tram — so I created one for the Roll20 Burning Wheel game. Enjoy.