I am absolutely furious about the current racist campaign against young African people in Melbourne. Every time I try to put my thoughts about it in order, I get so angry I need to step away.

Fortunately, the tireless campaigners at the Flemington-Kensington Law Centre have published a comprehensive myth-busting list of 10 Things You Need to Know About Crime Reporting in 2018.

Victoria does not have a youth crime wave – ethnic or not. However, facts and statistics are of little interest to a person already convinced that their intuitive, deeply felt, folk wisdom is enough. Arguing with a ‘tough on crime’ proponent is like arguing with an anti-vaxxer. When the independent Victorian Crimes Statistics Agency released its latest data report in December and stated that overall criminal incidents recorded in Victoria was down 4.8% and significant downward trends in many crime types, much of the online law and order world did not believe it. “Look at the papers” they cried. “We read about crime every day!”

But for everyone else here are some basic stats. …

Please read it, please share it, and please recognise the patterns so that you can speak up next time you hear someone regurgitating the latest racist nonsense from the Herald Sun or The Australian.