The ABC’s Q&A has long been an embarrassment, but the decision to invite Charles Waterstreet to participate in a panel discussion of sexual harrassment — presumably to provide “balance” — is an absolute disgrace. Since New Matilda began publishing a series of allegations against Waterstreet, the police have commenced an investigation, the star of Rake has distanced him from the show, the University of Sydney has banned him from advertising clerkships to its students, and his response has been… well, whatever this is.

Nina Funnell, one of the journalists who has been investigating Waterstreet’s behaviour, has been invited to sit in the audience. She should be on the panel, and he should be punted.

(As Richard Ackland noted in 2015, when a story making similar claims about an unnamed barrister was published, Waterstreet left an unusual comment. The story has since disappeared, but can be accessed with a little help from the Wayback Machine.)