Bill Shorten’s campaign to posthumously promote John Monash to the rank of field marshal is stupid. Given that half of Victoria is named after Monash, does he really need another honour? And even if so, making him a field marshal would be an insult.

There have only been four “Australian” field marshals. One was King George VI, and one is Philip of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, whose son Charles is soon to inherit the rank. Another was the Pom responsible for the disastrous landing at Gallipoli.

The only one who was really Australian was a corrupt and viciously anti-union police commissioner and leader of a clandestine far-right paramilitary force. He was promoted to field marshal at the insistence of Robert Menzies.

The rank of Australian field marshal is a national embarrassment, and Shorten should be promising to abolish it.