The creator of the Medieval Death Bot — which tweets one-line summaries of fatalities recorded in English coronial records — is putting together a book of highlights, Murdered by Clerks:

Through death, Murdered by Clerks gives us a rare, first-hand look into everyday life for common people of the English Middle Ages.

And lurking amidst these common people is a recurring chorus of especially murderous clerks. Their bloodlust, while appearing insatiable, is the result of a particularly medieval naming convention – all those who were employed in a profession because they could read and write were referred to as clerks, which included not only scholars… but students as well. With the Death Bot featuring a coroners’ roll from Oxford, the cup of clerk murders overflows, and Murdered by Clerks highlights the best of the best. Brawls, street fights, wrestling gone wrong – it’s all in there. Students, drunk and armed with swords, are not to be trusted…

And here’s an excerpt.