Tokyo High Court upholds ruling calling city of Saitama’s refusal to publish pacifist haiku ‘unfair’:

The Tokyo High Court on Friday upheld a district court ruling that called “unfair” the city of Saitama’s refusal to publish a haiku which referred to the Constitution and carried a pacifist message in its local newsletter.

The high court ordered the city to pay ¥5,000 in damages to the plaintiff.

The plaintiff’s haiku, which translates to “Under rainy-season skies/ ‘Protect Article 9’/ Female demonstrators cry out” (“Tsuyuzora ni/ ‘Kyujo mamore’ no/ Josei demo“), was submitted by a local haiku club in June 2014 to the Mihashi community center in Saitama for publication in the center’s monthly newsletter.

Article 9 is the pacifist clause of the Japanese constitution. This is the offensive poem, which Saitama is still refusing to publish: 梅雨空に「九条守れ」の女性デモ